Analyses for forensic case work, drugs of abuse, drug faciltated crimes, cause of death, poisoning, doping, drowning, ...

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The analysis of the hair, an effective and accurate picture of a persons history and pattern of drug use ...

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The laboratory replies to your an alytical needs and your specific requests in R&D

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About us

"ChemTox is a laboratory specialising in analytical toxicology which carries out analyses using the latest technical resources available for the identification and quantification of toxic substances in various different matrices. There are of course several hundreds of thousands of likely chemical substances that are potentially toxic to humans and it is the evaluation of these substances in the various areas covered by our activity that the ChemTox team have vast knowledge of in this subject. We contsantly update our procedures and knowledge with the fast changing environment within toxicology both in new technical advances and in new synthetic and medicinal drugs constantly being introduced onto the market."

Dr Vincent CIRIMELE, Chief Executive Officer



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Among other items: mephedrone, hydrogen sulfide, our accreditations, our attending a conference ...