Accreditation of the laboratory to ISO 17025

 The laboratories possess their own quality standard, ISO 17025, an international standard that monitors the major principles of quality management while integrating the specificities of the analysis sector it refers to. ChemTox adhere to the requirements of thisstandard at all times. This was validated and audited by an independent organisation, COFRAC (French Committee of Accreditation), the equivalent of the UK organsiation, UKAS, which every audit requires us to prove to them that we have in place an effective quality system of a technical competence which can validate the reliability of our results.

The scope of accreditation of the laboratory is available on COFRAC website, (www.cofrac.fr – accreditation n°8-2017 - Essays). This details our competences to carry out toxicology analyses. The type of accreditation we currently have is know as 'flexible type (B)'  which allows us to widen the list of the parameters under accreditation according to your needs. The detailed list of the analyses under accreditation can beprovided to you on request.

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