ChemTox is a analytical laboratory comitted to forensic toxicology the principle activity of which is to reply to the various requests by the police and criminal justice system both in farnce, the UK and other countries throughout Europe.

We offer  the following services for forenisc requests:

  • The determination of ethanol in blood
  • The screening and quantification of the alcohol marker ethyl glucuronide in hair
  • The screening and quantification in blood in the investigation of driving of a vehicle under influence
  • The identification of powders or other products after seizure (narcotics, medicines, etc)
  • Investigations in to the cause of death
  • The analysis of hair in criminal cases, drug facilitated sexual assaults, administration of a noxious substance and poisoning  for drugs of abuse, sedatives, GHB, narcotics, pharmaceuticals and other specfic drugs on request
  • The substances of performance and doping
  • The analysis of narcotics on bank bills, portable telephones, needles, etc
  • The screening of volatile substances (hydrocarbons, accelerants/ fire residues)
  • The quantification of the strontium to establish drowning
  • The quantification of highly toxic gasses (carbon monoxide, methane, butane, propane, etc)
  • Thequantification of cyanide, arsenic and strychnine in poisoning cases

Doctor Vincent Cirimele, expert registered at the Court of Appeals of Colmar, graduate of the Louis Pasteur University of Strasbourg, dedicated his PhD thesis to the Toxicology of the analysis of xenobiotics (narcotics, medicines, drugs, pesticides) in hair. This recognised work within the Institute of Legal Medicine of Strasbourg was surpassed by the Academy of Pharmacy.