New accreditations

30/11/-0001 New accreditations

ChemTox has recently been accredited by COFRAC 'flexible scope' (No. 1-2017) to develop and adapt its expertise ...

 The main priority of any laboratory is not only to produce analytical results but quality is an important matter to satisfy the expectations and requirements of the customer. In our area of expertise, certain needs are clearly defined but more importantly the reliability of the result cannot be questioned. The means implemented by the laboratory to ensure they adhere to these requirements are guided by a recognised quality standard, NF IN ISO 17025. This international standard applicable to many different types of laboratories, defines the requirement that the laboratory is recognized as being competent and reliable.

Since 2008, ChemTox has been in line with these guidelines and the applications that result from it are numerous. Thus, to assure the quantification of our samples, we use instruments that are regularly checked and maintained according to defined procedures. The analysts using this equipment and implementing the analytical methods are adequately trained and gain experience before being authorised to perform the analyses. The application of a method needs to be validated according to a well defined protocol and be evaluated in the accuracy of the measurements through the analysis of recognised reference samples. The laboratory is also accredited by an independent organisation, COFRAC (French Committee of Accreditation). In fact, technical experts from COFRAC perform an audit of ChemTox every year. The different customers that collaborate with the laboratory thus benefit from the confidence granted by COFRAC on the analytical return of our results.

In addition to the normal standards of quality, the laboratory has been accredited since January 2011 according to an analytical ‘flexible scope’. Beforehand the laboratory returned results under accreditation only according to a list of specific molecules. Now, the laboratory can develop analyses in a defined framework that is recognised by COFRAC. The advantage of such a scope is that the laboratory can widen the list of these parameters according to the needs of the customer and implement methods under accreditation, while bringing the guarantee of a reliable result. In other words, if a very specific request reaches us, the laboratory possesses the necessary resources to quickly have a reliable solution.