Nomination of Vincent Cirimele to the SoHT Board

11/09/2012 Nomination of Vincent Cirimele to the SoHT Board

During the 17th congress of the Society of Hair Testing, which took place in Toronto (Canada), a new board was established. We are pleased to announce that Vincent Cirimele, CEO of ChemTox laboratory, has been nominated as a board member for the next two years.

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New AFNOR standard in collaboration with ChemTox

10/07/2012 New AFNOR standard in collaboration with ChemTox

The French association of standardization, AFNOR, have created a new standard for the prevention of doping in sport, which oversees the development, the production and the control of food and supplements for athletes. AFNOR have asked Dr. Vincent Cirimele to take part as their technical expert to develop the standard, NF V94-001.

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17th Meeting of the Society of Hair Testing

01/06/2012 17th Meeting of the Society of Hair Testing

ChemTox will be present at the 17th annual meeting of the Society of Hair Testing (SoHT), which takes place in Toronto from the 25th June to the 28th June 2012. The main subject will be clinical applications of hair testing.

ChemTox accreditation with flexible scope


COFRAC have confirmed that they renewing our accreditation of the laboratory and at the same time extending its scope to "flexible" accreditation.

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ChemTox in the news

02/08/2011 ChemTox in the news

ChemTox has been in the news recently in relation to the unfortunate demise of the wild boars of Morieux (region in France)…
ChemTox laboratory have already intervened in the matter of a dead horse on the coast in France in July 2009, where we tested for Hydrogen Sulphides (H2S) on biological samples obtained at the time of the autopsy. There has been a reoccurence of events with several dead wild boars discovered in Morieux.

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UKIAFT meeting


ChemTox had two representatives at the next meeting for the UK and Ireland Association of Forensic Toxicologists last year which was held in the University of Aberdeen in July. The meeting was a unique opportunity to discuss current toxicology developments specifically in the UK and some of the topics included toxicology in child protection and sudden infant death, cathonines and specific case studies.

Joint SOFT / TIAFT conference San Fransisco

11/05/2011 Joint SOFT / TIAFT conference San Fransisco

A joint meeting of SOFT (Society of Forensic Toxicologists) and TIAFT (The International Association of Forensic Toxicologists) took place in San Francisco from the 25th to 30th September 2011. During this very important conference, leading toxicologists from all over the world came together to share their knowledge, ideas and new discoveries in their activity in the area of forensic toxicology. A representative from ChemTox was present at this event to contribute and be at the heart of the numerous exchanges…

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30/11/-0001 Mephedrone

Mephedrone appeared in the UK market several years ago but has more recently been in the news due to suspected deaths of several young persons. This relatively new synthetic drug, is also known as "MeowMeow" or "'M-Cat".

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New accreditations

30/11/-0001 New accreditations

ChemTox has recently been accredited by COFRAC 'flexible scope' (No. 1-2017) to develop and adapt its expertise ...

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